Welcome to CooperForSc

Who we are :

We are a bunch of young people and have joined hands with a mission and vision. We are CooperForSc.

Shakespeare wrote what’s in a name; but time has changed so has been the priorities in life. Today name alone matters most as it will enable you to stand out in the crowd. The natural question here that perhaps is rumbling in your belly is what CooperForSc stands for.

“Cooper” means a craftsman who makes or repairs wooden barrels or tubs; in short we can say “Cooper” stands for an adept craftsman while ‘For” connotes appropriate to and “Sc” stands for a white trivalent metallic element which at time classified in the rare earth group that occurs in Scandinavian mineral throtveitite (a mineral comprising scandium yttrium silicate which is known as a source of silicate)

CooperForSc therefore literally connotes an adept craftsmanship appropriate to a rare group of mineral. We are the craftsmen for the dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Our product Lorem Ipsum has earned a name and fame for itself as the industry’s standard dummy.

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